Fall Crafts And Decorating Ideas

Fall is just around the corner—or, at least, I’m hoping it is. Seeing fall décor in stores and mums at garden centers just gets me in the mood for fall. I’m ready to throw some pumpkins around the house.

Here are a few fall crafts that might get you in the fall spirit, if you aren’t already there.

Glittery fall garland

This is an easy fall craft that the kids will enjoy as well. Find some fall-themed wood or foam cutouts, then glitter them up. Here’s how I made mine.

Ampersand pumpkin

Instead of just regular ol’ pumpkins, why not add a bit of embellishment to those faux ones you can find at craft stores? I made an ampersand pumpkin a couple of years back, and it’s one of my favorite fall decorations to date. The tutorial is here.

Go colorful

Instead of just decorating with orange and white pumpkins this fall, why not paint some in colors that reflect your taste and décor? I love painting pumpkins in kelly green or pink and then glittering the stems.


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