Great Experience Working With Ranveer Singh: Manushi Chhillar

Miss World Manushi Chhillar said that she had a great experience while working with actor Ranveer Singh for a television commercial.

Manushi made the remarks at Club Factory’s commercial launch on Thursday.

“It was a very different experience for me to shoot for this commercial. I had the opportunity to work with the one and only Ranveer Singh.

“It was a great experience for me because his energy and whole aura is so infectious that just keeps you going. In the commercial I got to try new things and we had goofy dance steps so it was lots of fun,” the reigning beauty queen said.

Regarding fashion, Manushi said: “I was interested in fashion since the beginning and I think everyone likes fashion. It’s a way of expressing who you are. Even when I was in medical college, I wore a white coat then. That was my fashion statement as a medical student.

“When I was child, I didn’t have any idea of clothing brands and it was mostly influenced by my parents. Now it’s like a sea out there.. You have so many different brands to choose from. Every brand has its own uniqueness. I love experimenting for sure.”

When asked how she relates with typical Indian fashion, Chhillar replied: “I think India has rich history and we always take so much pride in the amount of diversity that we have. When it comes to fashion, the diversity is even more.

“I come from an Indian family who has a mother whose trunk is filled with sarees from every place that she has been to. When I travel outside India, I understand the fact that I am not just a Miss World but I belong to India. So people always look for India in me so I always make sure that there is touch of my country.”

Manushi also expressed that the being an Indian, the proudest moment of her life was when she learnt to wear a saree.

“Whenever I go to dinner, I try to wear a saree and more of traditional clothes. I am the girl who grew up watching her mother wear a saree therefore, I think the proudest moment of my life was when I learnt how to wear a saree,” the Miss World added.


Unleash your inner DIY maverick

BENGALURU:Friends, Indian, country people… the moment we have all been waiting for is here. The big blue box famous for flat packed beds, wardrobes and sundry things you never knew you needed is going to open in Hyderabad this month. I am waiting with bated breath for my idli stand to get a Scandinavian upgrade, and an impossible to pronounce name. (Långstjälkad röd ros?) I can’t wait for the day when I too can go to ‘just buy some tea towels’ and return home with a Billy bookshelf, two bags of tea light candles, cute vases that look like milk bottles and storage containers for my storage containers.
The world is full of possibility now.

We too too can look forward to spending their weekends traipsing around a massive warehouse, dragging our whining children as we compare the merits of a bergstopp bed versus a sjuksköterska. We can wander from one beautifully appointed set room to another and imagine ourselves living in such spaces. Industrial but with a touch of whimsy added by that sju saker pendant light. Our children too will colour, draw and play with blonde wooden blocks in their shabby chic bedrooms. Because kids in Ikea decorated homes don’t want screen time. Instead, they’re forever creatively occupied in their striped pyjama bottoms and whimsical animal t-shirts.

I too want this life. Even if I have to assemble it myself. Even if after spending hours looking at a manual that insists I have been provided with screws, cam locks, dowels and Allan keys I realise that all I have been given are the keys to hell. Because we all know that after assembling, re-assembling, threatening to divorce your partner who is not participating (because ‘Baby, I’m not good at this stuff. You’re so much more left brained than I am’) you might have assembled your Bartendern häller upp en fatöl footstool, but you will also have six dowels, two cam locks and three assorted screws left over.

And you know you’re not meant to have anything left over. You wonder what step you missed but are too tired to care. Plus there’s a divorce lawyer to hire. So you surreptitiously put the spare pieces at the back of junk drawer and forget all about them. Till you find them a couple of years later when you’re spring cleaning and think ‘Ha! The stool is still going strong. I don’t need these anymore’ and you throw them in the bin. Of course the stool will collapse the next day.

I believe that these years of folly are behind me now. I can now face Ikea with renewed strength and self belief. You know why? Because I’ve spent a crap load of money on Lego, and if my kids can assemble a replica of the Millennium Falcon with Lego, goddamn it they can put together their own FLÄRDFULL bunk bed.

So, happy shopping India. It’s time to unleash your inner DIY maverick. The one you always knew existed deep down inside you, which the Indian education system squashed. But remember, there’s no shame in keeping your local carpenter on speed dial. Just in case.

10 Essential Tips to Keep Your Art Career Organized and On Track

Who doesn’t wish they were more organized? And when you run your own business, it’s even more critical that you keep your work streamlined so you can focus on important things—like creating art. While the vision of a chaotic artist studio might be romantic in its own way, the reality is that most of us work better when things are in order.

With so many things to think about, from organizing your equipment and supplies to keeping receipts in order, it can be tricky to know where to start. Luckily, we’ve got the business and creative side covered so that you’ll know exactly where your artwork is just as quickly as you can find a paint color.

Tips for Organizing Your Art Studio

Whether you are crafting, painting, sculpting, sewing, or shooting photos, a clutter-free workspace can keep your mind focused on what you have to do, instead of where things are. And it doesn’t always take a big investment to keep your supplies in order. Here are ideas of how to keep your studio neat and tidy, from easy DIY fixes to comprehensive organizational systems.


Fire up a good label maker and get to work. This way, when everything is stored away, you’ll quickly be able to see what’s in each drawer, jar, and cubby you have in the studio. You might also consider a color coding system to help you separate materials by brand in order to give yourself quick access to exactly what you need at all times.


Even the smallest spaces can be sectioned off into distinct zones. Photographers may divide up certain sections for lighting equipment, backdrops, and lenses, for instance. Or think about separate areas for packaging artwork, materials storage, and the creation of new work. By defining your space it will be easier to remember where singular items go, and where you can find them again when you need them.


There are plenty of storage hacks that work quite well for artists and make the most of all the space you have available. Baby food jars can hold everything from extra paint to tiny beads for crafting. A hanging shoe rack opens up storage space on the back of any door and you can place items like rolled canvases or fabric scraps inside easily. Simple wooden dowels from the craft store can be mounted with clips and hooks to hold spools of tape, scissors, and inspirational images. Get a little crafty and you’ll find all types of DIY projects that can expand your storage. You can also try scouring flea markets for old filing cabinets and vintage office furniture with cubbies for all your materials.


At least twice a year, plan a deep cleaning of your studio. This means getting rid of dried out paint and old brushes, reorganizing materials that have been scattered about, and putting things back in their place. By focusing on getting out the old and unwanted a few times a year, you’ll not only make room for new materials but perhaps rediscover interesting items you’d forgotten about.


If you’re really looking into upping your organizational game, invest in a high-end system to increase your storage potential. The Original Scrapbox makes different systems that can be customized for creatives working with crafts, sewing, and fine art projects. The best thing is that their storage unit can fold away and become an attractive piece of furniture, allowing you to work at home or in the studio. If you’re just interested in accessories, Organize More makes a variety of paint and ink storage inserts, some of which were created to slip into basic IKEA furniture.

Tips for Organizing Your Creative Business

Now that you have all of your supplies in order, it’s time to turn to the business end of things. Artists can often overlook the fundamentals of organizing their business, which can make for time lost down the line. And we’re not just talking about accounting. Everything from knowing who bought your artwork to easy access to high-quality photographs will help keep your studio running smoothly.

DIY To Try: Refined Rope Bag

If we spotted this bag at a pretty seaside boutique, we would no doubt dream of whisking it off to the beach, pool, or farmer’s market. But even better—the tote is a DIY, made from scratch, via Style Me Pretty Living. You’ll want to dust off the sewing machine for this one, or borrow one, if need be.

The materials couldn’t be more straightforward. Just pick up some clothesline rope from the hardware store, (yup, it’s actually made of out of clothesline!), ready the aforementioned sewing machine, and break out the thread and a pair of scissors. Then follow along with the fully-illustrated instructions on Style Me Pretty Living. Don’t worry about the rope getting caught in your machine, either. Apparently it squishes down, making it as easy to sew as fabric. Can’t wait to tote this beauty around town.

4 Creative And Chic Easter Egg DIYs To Try This Year

Can you believe it? It’s already that time of year to start thinking about dyeing Easter eggs. Of course, you could always go with traditional egg dyeing kits … or you could be adventurous and opt to try something a little different.

This year, I wanted to try something different, so I figured out how to turn my Easter eggs into chic little works of art. Whenever I hear the word “chic,” I conjure up images of metallics and hues of pink. While it’s not the first word I would use to describe Easter eggs, I thought it would be pretty fun to decorate mine with that simple word in mind.

And to my surprise, it is possible! Who knew eggs could be so fashionable?! Here are the four different DIY ways that I turned this year’s Easter eggs from drab to fab!

How To Dye Easter Eggs

First, you’ll need to dye your Easter eggs so you’ll have a canvas on which to decorate.

I like to combine one cup of warm water with one tablespoon of white vinegar before adding food coloring to the mix. I’ve found this chart to be super helpful if you’re looking to dye your eggs in an array of unique and vibrant colors.

Once your dye is ready, place a hardboiled egg inside of a metal whisk and submerge it into the dye, making sure to rotate the egg until it’s entirely covered with the mixture. Once you’re happy with the color, remove the egg from the inside of the whisk and set it on a paper towel to dry.

And now for stylish Easter egg ideas!

1. Create a Marbled Pattern Using Margarine.

Margarine can help make beautifully unique eggs, as it will create the marbled pattern by preventing some of the dye from drying on the egg. This is a decoration idea to decide upon before you dye your eggs, Remember that old saying “oil and water don’t mix”? That’s exactly what will happen here.

In a small bowl, combine one cup of cool water with one tablespoon of white vinegar and food coloring. Then add one tablespoon of melted margarine. Using tongs, quickly dunk one egg three times before completely submerging it in the mixture for three minutes.

Remove the egg, and wipe off any melted margarine residue with a paper towel. You’ll be left with a gorgeous marbled pattern.

2. Decorate With Metallic Paint Markers.

Paint markers, which you can purchase at any art supply shop, are the easiest way to add some glam to your Easter eggs! The options for designs and patterns are endless and if you’re decorating eggs with kids, this is a fun way for them to express their creativity in an easy way. Paint markers come in many different colors but the chicest ones (of course) are the metallics.

3. Embellish Eggs With Metallic Temporary Tattoos.

Yes, you sure can use temporary tattoos on Easter eggs! It’s as easy as applying them to your skin. Consider purchasing temporary tattoos from Tattly and Flash Tattoos, both of which have plenty of options in silver and gold hues.

4. Use Metallic Tissue Paper.

Another fun way to decorate your Easter eggs is by cutting simple shapes, like trapezoids and triangles, out of tissue paper. Adhere the tissue paper shapes onto the eggs by using Mod Podge, which is a glue, gloss and sealer all in one. It’s easy to use and dries clear.

DIY: Upcycled Picture Frame Birdfeeder

Invite birds to your garden with this birdfeeder made from upcycled materials.

You will need:
• Ornate frame – mine, which I found on Trade Me measures 37cm x 24cm
• Wood glue
• 1m – 40mm x 10mm pine strip
• Plastic containers (mine were 90mm x 60mm x 60mm deep)
• Sandpaper
• Nails/hole punch
• 20mm screws
• Chain for hanging
• Skil saw/hand saw
• Resene Quick Dry Primer, test pots & brushes

Seed holder:
2 x 200mm
2 x 75mm
1 x 55mm

Cost: $35 excluding paint

1. Renovate the frame as required. Remove any glass, images and backing board. Here, I needed to re-glue the joins and repair some of the ornate edges with filler. Clamp and allow to dry.

2. Create a seed holder by measuring the plastic containers and building a frame. Glue and nail together, hole punch the nail heads, fill and allow to dry. Sand well.

3. Undercoat both pieces with Resene Quick Dry Primer. Top coat in your chosen colour once dry.

4. Cut the chain to length and attach. Angle screw the seed holder to the back of the frame.

5. Hang frame where birds can visit it. Fill the containers with seed or seed and water.

Eight Simple DIY Photo Filters You Can Make on a Budget

Photography gear can get quite expensive and put a huge dent in our wallets. While there are many things we wouldn’t want to cheap out on, there are several DIY hacks that can solve some of our wants and still fit within our budget. Some of those hacks are great for adding effects and different looks to shots. Here are eight DIY photo filters.
Coming from COOPH, this video shares eight different do-it-yourself photo filters that you can make at home with stuff you probably already have at your disposal. It not, the items used for these hacks are fairly cheap if you want to pick them up (I’m not sure how many photographers actually have bubble bottles laying around unless they have kids). While you might not use every hack in this video, there are some clever DIY filters to try out.

One of the hacks I wouldn’t do is spraying water directly on my lens. Instead of spraying water directly on it, use a good UV filter instead to spray water on. If you do spray liquid on your filter, make sure you use a cleaning cloth or something that’s not going to scratch it.

Out of the eight DIY photo filter hacks, which was your favorite? Do you have any filter hacks you use that were not in this video?