Holiday at home: 4 Fun And Kid-friendly DIY Projects


Design a mug: Make a mug that’s absolutely unique. First, freehand your mug-friendly motif in pencil on paper.

Hold the paper, lead side down, against the mug or cup and transfer the pencil drawing by rubbing over it. (You will need to apply a bit of pressure.) Now you have an outline to trace over with a porcelain marker from a craft shop like Spotlight.

Once completed, the designs will need to be “set” in an oven – just follow the instructions that come with the pen.


Make a party straw: To make floral straws, you’ll need two sizes of fluted cupcake cases. Fold a larger-sized case in half and then in half again, continuing until the case measures about a centimetre in width across the top.To shape the petals, cut across the top in an arc. Now also nip the pointed end so that you can get a straw-sized cutout in the centre of the case when it is folded. Repeat the process with a small case (for the flower’s centre). Open and shape the cases and thread through a bendable straw.


Go pompom crazy: Making pompoms is a great way to keep kids busy over the holidays – but then what do you do with them?

Here’s an idea – use them to edge a cuddly blanket, although you could add them to everything from cushions to curtains. We made these with a pompom-maker (an inexpensive tool easily picked up from a wool or craft store, such as Spotlight).

In under an hour we had enough woolly balls to trim our blanket and change it from plain to a pretty puff piece.


A dinosaur lolly jar: What better guardian could there be for cookies or lollies than a staunch-looking dinosaur. These cute top-turners started life as figurines before morphing (with the help of glue and paint) into kitchen accessories. They could also be used to store all the endless little bits and bobs that kids accumulate – hair ties, stray bits of lego, pens and pencils perhaps?

There are few rules to follow in the making. Just match up the critter’s size with your jar and don’t forget to use a paint primer if your jar has a metal lid.

There are endless possible variations – farm or wild animal figurines would do the job just as well – although if you’re guarding a lolly jar, we recommend something that roars!